Fact Friday: What’s in the Big Mac Sauce?

What’s in the Big Mac sauce? (and learn how to make it at home!)
Our food. Your questions.


Fact Friday: Can a burger rot?

Can a burger rot?
Your questions. Our food.

There are lots of myths out there.
To clear things up, we reached out to one of Canada’s foremost food scientists, Dr. Keith Warriner. He’s the Program Director at the University of Guelph’s Department of Food Science and Quality Assurance.  Here’s what he had to say:

Fact Friday: Do you use real dairy in your soft serve ice-cream?

Do you use real dairy in your soft serve ice-cream?
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Fact Friday: What’s in the beef?

What kind of beef is used in the beef pattys?


McHappy Day Pie in the Face

Did you know that every single penny that is raised on McHappy Day in Ajax is donated straight to the charities?

The administrative costs are 100% donated by Bradley – the owner and operator of McDonald’s Ajax. On McHappy Day, staff raised money by bidding on pie-ing Bradley in the face. All for a great cause.

Photo credit: Eric Novak from Modern Media Perspectives
Thanks for capturing this moment perfectly! 

Fact Friday: Where does the McHappy Day money go?


100% of the money raised from McHappy Day in Ajax goes directly to two amazing charities:

Ronald McDonald House Charities: Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada helps give sick children what they need most – their families.

Grandview Children’s Centre: Grandview is the only children’s treatment centre in Durham Region providing specialized programs, outpatient clinical treatment, and support to thousands of children and youth with special needs and their families.

Thank you to the volunteers from these organizations that came to McDonald’s Ajax to lend a helping hand on McHappy Day. We are so proud and happy to support these amazing charities!

McHappy Day 2014

Thanks to the Ajax community and McDonald’s staff we have successfully raised $12,512.07 from McHappy Day!

A big congratulations to everyone who had a part in the success of 2014 McHappy Day in Ajax.

Thank you to our guests who came out to support and our employees who served on McHappy Day.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this day so special and such a success.


McHappy Day Politicians

On McHappy Day, we had some very special visitors:

Thank you for your continued support of McDonald’s Ajax and McHappy Day!

The children and families who benefit from the services provided through Ronald McDonald House Charities and Grandview Kids also thank you.


Fact Friday: Are the fries gluten free?

Are the fries gluten free?
Our food. Your questions.

Fact Friday: How is the price of the food so low?

How is the price of the food so low?
Our food. Your questions.