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McDonald’s Ajax is committed to providing every employee with a safe and healthy workplace. we believe that no job is so important that we cannot take the time to perform the work safely.

all of us, regardless of position, are required to take a proactive approach to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. accordingly, we are committed to providing the necessary information and training to achieve this objective. we are also committed to reviewing our health and safety policies annually.

it is the responsibility of every employee to immediately report to the management team all unsafe or unhealthy situations, including injuries. you also have a health and safety committee to assist you with any aspect of our health and safety policy. every employee is responsible for upholding our health and safety standards.

we recognize that an effective health and safety policy requires more than a policy statement. accordingly, all of us must accept our responsibility to ensure that our workplace is safe and healthy. remember that the most important part of an effective health and safety program is you!

One thought on “health & safety

  1. What about refusing work when it literally affects your health to work at the restaurant because they are waiting for the Air Conditioning people to come and put a pin into the air conditioning system while it’s 35°C outside as we wear face masks AND a face shield. Can we refuse to work and get paid until they turn on the air conditioning? I got a bit of heat stroke & still am suffering the next day! Also other employees are experiencing health issues of heat exhaustion/ heat stroke with pounding migraines and having to go into a cooler just to “cool” down so they don’t pass out. Who do I talk to in HR department in SK Canada. I don’t want this to happen again. They had lots of notice to turn the A/C on earlier when we had the first heat wave but didn’t. Thank you.

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