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We are very proud of all the hard work and dedication at our restaurants.

Let’s take a minute to meet some of the friendly faces behind McDonald’s Ajax:

Bradley – Owner/Operator
As of 2006, I have been the proud owner of the McDonald’s restaurants in Ajax. Originally from South Africa, I am very proud of the great achievements of McDonald’s including two rebuilt locations and opening the newest McDonald’s in the Ajax market in 2010. I also make time to enjoy an active lifestyle by going to the skiing, ATVing, and snowmobiling. I truly love the McDonald’s experience and the food (especially the grilled chicken sandwich). I can say without hesitation, “i’m lovin’ it!”

Jim – Marketing Coordinator

Jenna – Communications Specialist
Since 2006, I have been enthusiastically involved with McDonald’s Ajax. I am responsible for the internal and external communications to ensure that the crew, the customers, and Ajax community stay connected and informed. I love all the salads, sipping on a coffee, and eating an ice cream cone.

Melissa – westney restaurant manager
since 1994, i have enjoyed the ever-evolving experiences working at McDonald’s and am now the restaurant manager of the newest McDonald’s Ajax at westney and taunton road. i am fortunate to have several of her family members working with me. the McDonald’s team is really like a whole family too. the best part of working at McDonald’s is waking up to new adventure every day.

Neely – heritage manager
i began at McDonald’s in 1994, and i particularly love working for such a great family. i have learned that the McDonald’s Ajax community is very special and has a special place in my heart. also, my taste buds have learned that the thai McMini is a must at McDonald’s.

Stacey – bayly manager

Jesse – walmart manager
i love working with my hands and being around people i care about – whether i’m rocking out on my guitar, playing video games, working on cars, or building things. since 2005, i have been luckily enough to combine my two passions working at McDonald’s, while also enjoying the famous Big Mac.

5 thoughts on “our team

  1. Today is Sept 23 and I’m at your McDonald’s in Bayly Ajax and ordered two coffee and muffin.
    I have been waiting for over 15min and while waiting I am watching your staff how they work and serve customer.
    They look so relax chatting not even paying attention how long is the customer waiting.
    So I ask for the manager and a lady who came and right away told me I want my refund? I was so shock to hear instead saying sorry right away told me if I want my refund? I am was so upset and disappointed so I ask who’s the manager in this McDonald’s and there a tall guy came and said exactly the same thing you want your refund???
    Is this the way you run your store? If a customer is not happy give your refund right away???
    Or sure I will never never come back in this McDonald’s??
    Too bad I use to work in McDonald’s but never heard this word to our manager or one of our staff or . We try to strive to make our customers happy.

    Thank you.
    Liza T
    Cell 647 6042847

  2. Went today to your location and ordered 4 mcmuffins. After being parked and waiting, two were brought to my vehicle. This is a constant issue here. When I went in to talk to your manager Mark, and ask for a refund he argued with me that I didnt wait the length of time I did, and that I had only paid for 2. I asked for the refund receipt so I could speak to the owner. Mark then claimed to be the owner. Seems like the owners name is Bradley. Pretty much sums up this place.

  3. Hi
    I purchased many grilled chicken Greek salads from the Bayly location
    The last one a week ago, the chicken was like hard rubber
    I called & left a voicemail for the store manager to call me, I had the chicken in a baggie in the fridge.

    No one has ever called

    I called the head office complaints number, he said I’ll send this issue to the store manager

    Still no call.

    All I want is my money back & will never go to that location again in my life.

  4. I had an issue at the Bayly st drive thru one morning. Ordered the 2 for 5 dollar egg McMuffin and a small coffee paid for it at the first window then drove to the pickup window, it is here where the problems started. Payement was demanded again, I calmly replied I paid at the first window the male at the window said I only paid for a coffee and I need to pay again. I demanded to see the receipt he gave me a receipt for a coffee with cream and sugar ( I drink a black coffee) I told him I didn’t order cream and sugar in my coffee. I kept getting the buddy you didn’t. Then some girl started with the buddy crap as well. I demanded a refund and they thought it was the joke of the day. I had my wife dispute the visa charges and she called the store. After a lengthy conversation with someone who couldn’t speak clear English she had a manager offer to send me a coupon for 2 egg muffins… let me just say it’s not complimentary meal because you screwed over a customer when the meal was paid for and not refunded. I’m never eating at Ajax McDonald’s ever again

  5. Sounds like a fucking white mom problem Karen. Get the fuck over it there’s some real problems in our world

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