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  1. I have never emailed a restaurant for poor service but tonight I used the drive thru. Ordered & paid. I went to the 2nd window the girl handed me my drink, I thought oddly as she kind of shoved it at me, my meal was then given to me and I asked for ketchup. The girl perhaps did not hear me because I said it as the window was closing. So I waited but no one noticed I was still waiting so I tapped on the window and the girl ( give her the benefit of the doubt ) did not hear me. So I tapped louder. She walked away and the other girl worki g drinks did not even hear. Odd! It was loud enough this time to hear. I tap again and now the second girl walks away from the window. So I open the window, and say excuse me a couple times and now they walk out of view. Now a boy sees this walks over looking Perturbed that I opened the window. I say ( politely) can I have some ketchup? He grabs a handful and rudely shoved them in my hand, and closes the window (not a slam, but not softly either) not saying a word.

    I didn’t get names, but it happened Thursday July 12th around 9:30 pm at the 222 Bayly St W location.

  2. We stopped in at your Walmart location. Sorry to say there was no orange juice the ketchup machine was broken. It was also very dirty. This was Monday morning 9:30 am

  3. I just want you to know I drove through at the Bayly location around 7 pm and got a junior chicken and asked for extra sauce in the bag and I never received extra sauce OR the chicken on my junior chicken. how do you serve someone a junior chicken that’s literally only lettuce and bun?? I tried to call the location and no one picked up. I did not spend my money for nothing. I don’t care how, but you owe me somehow to pay up for what you clearly couldn’t deliver.

  4. 222 Bayly St W. location.
    I work across the street from this location and visit daily for purchasing coffee for my team, breakfast for myself and often lunch as well. I tried using your mobile app today, which I have used in the past. I placed my order and was given a reference number to give at the drive through. When I gave this number they said they didn’t have that reference and I’m to come inside and speak to a manager. I could not stop and come inside, as I was in between cars in the drive through. When I approached the window and asked if my order had come up, the girl in the window got mad at me and said “I told you to come inside” to which replied that I was kind of stuck in the drive through. I was instructed to pull forward and someone would come out to speak with me. I was then met by a team leader, I believe his name was Darren M. (I could be wrong) He told me that he did not receive my mobile order and I should come inside and pay and they can make my sandwiches. I told him that I didn’t want to pay again, because the mobile order said that it had charged my credit card, I then gave him my phone to see for himself. He said if there is a problem with the app I can call corporate but if I wanted my sandwiches today I would have to pay again. I asked him if this was his instructions, to leave angry and call corporate for resolution? This does not seem like good customer service. He sighed, visually upset, and said “fine I’ll get your sandwiches”. My response was “finally, some customer service”. His response to me had me flabbergasted. He actually said “It’s not customer service”. I asked “what do you mean it’s not customer service?” He said “I’m just giving you the sandwiches because your being a jerk”. I kindly told him in response that in 25 years of client care and customer service I have never call a client a jerk or anything of the sort. I would listen to and address a clients concern, thank them for their patronage and apologise for the inconvenience. I told him to please use this experience as a teachable moment in customer care. I am truly floored by my interaction with your team leader today, is this the attitude he leads your team with? What other derogatory terms do you teach your staff to deal with customers. The saddest part is, I will still continue to shop at your restaurant, but not for the customer service, simply for the convenience.

  5. Hello im an uber driver who works with the orders i receive on the phone and i was very much surprise ahen i went to pick up an order approximately 4am i was greeted by a mcdonald drivethru employee ajax and kingston location who was rude and told me the menu swiyched over and i cant get wat was ordered and shes fed up with uber drivers and she had a long day etc.like wat the hell im coming off of one job and dping uber after also i had a long night but i was there to do my job and pick up what was ordered of ncdonald change their menu its not my fault if a customer already order from previous menu.They should have it prepared or dont accept the order.rediculous!!

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  7. I WENT TO MCDONALDS IN BAYLY AJAX. so, around 12:30am i ordered DECAF coffee double double. not only it tasted terrible and like it’s been out for a long time, they gave me REGULAR coffee. how’d i know???? i couldn’t sleep that night. i frikin slept at 6:30am!!!!!! employees should stop giving regular coffee to people ordering decaf!!!! no we won’t know the difference in taste but we would know when we couldn’t sleep at night!!! this is the worst mcdonalds ever. this is not the first time ive had a bad experience in this location. they’ve done a lot of wrong stuff they weren’t even sorry for!!!! CHANGE YOUR EMPLOYEES OR RE-TRAIN THEM!!! they’re the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The worse service ever at McDonald’s in Walmart on kingston rd ajax. The cashier was serving and doing fries and touching the fries without washing hands. I asked to have someone else get the fries and no hand washing she called someone in a very rude way so I asked for mgr. And explained the problem she said that the way we do it as busy and can’t expect staff to wash hands every 5 min as they have to do both jobs sometime. She was very upset with me for mentioning hand washing and keep saying things about me while walking away. Both cashier and mgr disgusting. Never go there again need to be a line as staff and mgr clearly don’t care of customers or germs or hand washing policy hire more staff and have a attitude adjustment with courses

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