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  1. This is now the 3rd time we’ve had a bad experience at the Bayly location…tonight the drive thru was empty so it doesn’t seem like there should have been any issues.

    When someone orders and pays for something you expect to get it….to get home after a long day and realize your missing items that you purchased as well as items like straws and napkins aren’t even in your bag…well needless to say that doesn’t make anyone happy!

    The time before this we checked the bag and were missing items as well and the only reason we checked is because the time before that we came home again with an unfulfilled order.

    Tonight though as I mentioned it was slow…one car in front of us and after waiting close to 5 minutes another car pulled in behind us ….we joked saying we should check the bag…but someone must have put our bag down and walked away…at this point 2 people are in the window chatting and a third came up and picked up our bag passing it through the window.

    It had just been sitting there well the two chit chatted.

    I wouldn’t normally write but after 3 times of facing the same issue…it seems like something is not working with your drive thru flow.

    The thing is we don’t eat out very often and McDonald’s is like that bad/good thing we’ll do time to time. So when you get it you want what you ordered.

  2. I just came feom the mcdonalds on bayly in ajax,on and again i received stail fries. This is not the first time it happens quiet often. This time my burger was as well Nd my daughters nugget happy meal. This is starting to be a regular occurance when i go to mcdonalds.I am not impressed.

  3. The staff and service at the Kingston location is terrible and I only go when I have my granddaughter which is twice per month and I never have a good experience so now I go to the one in Whitby by the 401 if you can believe it because their service is always excellent.

    My experience today. Got in line at 1:11pm…got to order at 1:16pm…paid at 1:19pm…at the window to pick up my food at 1:23pm. They want me to park because my fillet is going to take 30secs. I said I can’t wait (everytime I need to wait at this MacDonald’s 30 secs turns into 5mins and I don’t have 5mins, I’ve already been in line 11mins and 7mins from when I put in my order, a fillet takes 4.5mins to cook so someone screwed up and didn’t put my fillet in when I ordered it so it will be ready when I get to the window).

    Would you believe this…when I told them I’m not pulling up to wait by the time I do it will be ready and I will need to wait 5-8mins because that’s what happens every time. Without a second thought the girl comes to the window and says then I will refund you, you cannot sit here an wait for your order, even thought all the cars ahead of me were at the window for 2mins to get their order. Not cool\

    I really hope the owner of this MacDonald does something to improve his staff’s efficiency so his customers can have a better client experience.

  4. I was given a burger with blood on it at the ravenscroft location in November. Head office told me the owner would contact me. It has been 6 months now and no one has contacted me. I suggest you stay away from this location. You never know what diseases you may get…

  5. Quality decreasing and errors increasing at bayly st. Lately either missing fries or wrong order given, now we try and order 2 medium hot chocolates 10.30th , took a long time, girl apologized saying the machine having issues, terrible hot chocolate, and I’m not sure but 8.11 for 2 med hot choc seems high?

  6. McDonald’s at 135 kingston and salem sucks. Happened a few time when I ordered something from the drive thur they always make a mistake on my order. last time was the fries.. today i got a happy meal and an apple pie and when i got back to home there was no apple pie. come on its not hard to get a simple order correct.

  7. I seem to get same crap service. And when you sya something to managers on duty. They talk to you like you are nobody. Thwy are disrespectfull and need to learn that thwy are there to make customer happy. Not the other way around. It is not my job to make thwm feel good about treating me like crap. And i leave messages for manager or owner and i get no response. Good job mcdonalds for stealing peoples hard earnes money

  8. The Ajax location on Bayly was so messy and dirty. I should have taken a picture of what was behind the counter because it was so messy with food, cups, etc strewn everywhere, the ice bin and cupboards left open. The playland was dirty with garbage and filth and when we told an employee who was cleaning, she brushed us off and said she would do it and was still chatting with a fellow employee 10 minutes later. I would never come back here with my family again.

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