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  1. I have never emailed a restaurant for poor service but tonight I used the drive thru. Ordered & paid. I went to the 2nd window the girl handed me my drink, I thought oddly as she kind of shoved it at me, my meal was then given to me and I asked for ketchup. The girl perhaps did not hear me because I said it as the window was closing. So I waited but no one noticed I was still waiting so I tapped on the window and the girl ( give her the benefit of the doubt ) did not hear me. So I tapped louder. She walked away and the other girl worki g drinks did not even hear. Odd! It was loud enough this time to hear. I tap again and now the second girl walks away from the window. So I open the window, and say excuse me a couple times and now they walk out of view. Now a boy sees this walks over looking Perturbed that I opened the window. I say ( politely) can I have some ketchup? He grabs a handful and rudely shoved them in my hand, and closes the window (not a slam, but not softly either) not saying a word.

    I didn’t get names, but it happened Thursday July 12th around 9:30 pm at the 222 Bayly St W location.

  2. We stopped in at your Walmart location. Sorry to say there was no orange juice the ketchup machine was broken. It was also very dirty. This was Monday morning 9:30 am

  3. I just want you to know I drove through at the Bayly location around 7 pm and got a junior chicken and asked for extra sauce in the bag and I never received extra sauce OR the chicken on my junior chicken. how do you serve someone a junior chicken that’s literally only lettuce and bun?? I tried to call the location and no one picked up. I did not spend my money for nothing. I don’t care how, but you owe me somehow to pay up for what you clearly couldn’t deliver.

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